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Welcome to The Footy Record! is a web-based application that lets you maintain the scores of your Aussie Rules footy league.

The idea behind The Footy Record is that all you need to do is key in the scores to a game, and all the related pages (fixtures, the ladder, goalkicking lists, even the player statistics) are automatically updated for you. No more messing about with that ladders page and the goalkicking list at the end of each round.

The other main advantage is that you, the league's webmaster, can delegate the task of updating match results to officials of each club. Not only does this reduce your workload but it ensures that results are posted as soon as possible, and also guarantees a timely update if you are away for an extended period of time.

You might also find that the maintenance of your league's website becomes alot simpler if the dynamic content (the results) is split apart from the rest which generally remains constant.

Check out some samples:-

  • Fixture list
  • Match report
  • Player profile
  • Goalkicking list
  • A ladder
  • Squad list
  • Player history

    Currently, maintains an account for the following leagues:-

  • AFL Italia
  • Asociación Argentina de Futbol Australiano
  • Aussie Rules UK
  • Australian Australian Football
  • Australian Football League Germany
  • Australian Rules Football League of Ireland
  • Beijing Australian Football League
  • British Australian Rules Football League
  • Catalonia Australian Football League
  • Czech Australian Football League
  • Danish Australian Football League
  • Dutch Australian Football Association
  • Finland Australian Football League
  • French League
  • Iceland AFL
  • International Matches
  • Josh's Football League
  • Scottish Australian Rules Football League
  • Skĺne-based DAFL Competitions
  • Stockholm Australian Football Federation
  • Swedish Australian Football League
  • The Convicts
  • United States Australian Rules Football League
  • Wales Australian Rules Football League
  • Wellington Australian Football League

    If you would like to put your scores into The Footy Record, send us an email.

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